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    Sunil Prakash Paudel

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CHHAHARI RETREAT a boutique lodge, nestled in the lap of the Shivapuri hills, bordering the wildlife and flora rich – Shivapuri National Park. At this quaint boutique getaway, you will not find uniformed staffs or extravagant four-course meals. At Chhahari, let nature prod you into getting off the grid. Let your mind wander with abandon. Breathe in the fresh air of the northern hills. Take in the abundant greenery. Bask in the warm sunlight at 1600m. Listen to the sounds of the forest. Feel the afternoon breeze as it bounces off the hills. Visit the historic and religious Budhanilkantha temple, where Lord Vishnu is sleep in the lap of Shesh Naag.

The website is neat and clean, unique presentation and contains all the complete information about the business. The website contains details about the lodge, people, environment, facilities, rooms, restaurant details etc. Chhahari Retreat website is a complete CMS built in .net technology with MVC framework and Ms-SQL database.

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