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Nepalese and Indian Restaurant in Reading, London

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Momo House
Momo House
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Momo House is a typical Nepalese Restaurant in Reading, London. The name Momo says a lot about the restaurant. Momo is one of the most popular Nepalese dish, liked by both Nepalese as well as foreigners. The restaurant has name Mo:Mo on it but sells other Nepalese and Indian Dishes. The website has typical Nepalese feel, and Nepalese paper background with neat and clear looks.

The website is done in Bootstrap Framework and Sass for CSS. Custom font icon, Light animations and Mobile First method used while coding. The website has other pages like: Menu, Online Reservation Form, Contact Form, and custom developed mobile navigation.

Tools and Technology Used
  • Photoshop

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • jQuery / JS

  • Bootstrap

  • SASS

  • Php

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